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Welcome to Gill's Art Gallery ...
 gallery shot
art work at bears emporium-
Having a space to paint and hang my work has always been a goal of mine. I find being in the shop gives me the creative room .Our customers and visitors view my work in progress , I always find thier comments and feedback a positive and helpful part of the process .
Customers have told us how rare it is to visit a shop where the goods are being made in front you , and we have been complimented  on the shops creative atmosphere . This makes Tony(bear)  and myself ,feel inspired and very lucky. I  have painted most  of the wall space with large murals (it took me months!) -we think this only adds to the unique feel of bears emporium .
shop murals 
Gill's brief bio
 gill self
I have been drawing and painting since I was a child . I come from an artistic and musical family and it always came naturally to me . I  have tried different avenues of art ,after leaving art college and becoming freelance , including - advertising illustration ,cartoon work , some graphics ,chalk boarding and even tatooing for a while ! I always found my way back to the canvas as my need to expess never  left me. I have used many different mediums in my work over the years ,at the moment I mainly use acryilics due to thier versitility. I don't tend to type catagorise  my style - I tend to paint instinctivly  - and i think that allows your work to evolve. I  am inspired , like many other artists , by my life - and the now , so my future work will depend on what life brings me ! My main aim is to keep painting and improving my skills.
.. a few examples of my work -
'unseen claytongate'
This painting is on an A1 canvas and is painted in acryrlics . Our shop is actually on this stretch of cobbles in preston!  I wanted to show an artists day-dreams placed on top of what is normaly an uneventful little back street.
stag pyro
Pyrography on wood , 25" x 25"
green man leaves
'Green Man'
Acrylics and oak leaves on canvas ,finished with crystal resin for protection
12" x 12"
greenwoman leaves
'Green Woman'
Acrylics and Willow leaves on canvas , with crystal resin for protection
12" x 12"
girl on fire pyro
'Girl on Fire'
Pyrography  and acrylics on wood
12" x 12"
 Pyrography and acrylics on wood
12" x 12"
Acrylics on canvas
15" x 15"
viking portraits
'Vikings - Rollo , Largertha , King Ragnar'
Acrylics on Canvas - Prints available , 
please ask for more info 
'King Ragnar'
acrylics on canvas , Prints available
15" x 15"
Portraits in Pyrography
We can now offer pyrography portraits to order . Taken from photographs and replocated
by eye . A framed 12in by 10in portrait from £40 .
Besides  my gallery work I am open to commisions and would be happy to discuss any requests , from portraits to landscapes !
(quotes given)
sales and deliveries
All are welcome to come and view my work at the shop. All paintings bought come with a fitted carry bag for the protection of the work. Deliveries are available by post and all paintings will be proffesionally packaged and sent by courier. (price will vary according to size and distance of delivery , but we will endevour to give you an aproximate quote on request .)
contact us
For all enquiries please find our full information on the contacts page , I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
woodland nymphs no1
      ' woodland nymphs ', pyrography on wood
rebirth (babies) no 2
      ' Rebirth' , acrylics on canvas
no 6
 ' Horned god ', acrylics on canvas
no.8 skin 1
  ' skin1' , acrylics on canvas
no.9 skin 2
   skin 2  , acylics
no.12 billy
  ' Billy Holiday '  ,  ink & acrylics on canvas
no.13 robert j
  ' Robert Johnson ' ,  ink & acrylics on canvas
no.14 little w
  ' Little Walter ' ,  ink & acrylics on canvas
no.15 pan and the goat
  'Pan and the goat'  , pyrography on wood
no15. holly king
  ' Holly king ' , acrylics on canvas
please ask for futher information, see 'contact page'

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